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Supporting Math with AT

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Getting Math...with Inspector Gadget!

This session focuses on how students with autism-and everyone else-benefit from assistive technology supports and the concrete-representative-abstract teaching approach in math, which addresses conceptual knowledge and enhances retention.


 Inspector Gadget looks through a magnifying glass



Inspector Gadget.ppt




Inspector Gadget Fraction centers directions.doc


Inspector Gadget Reflection Form.doc (Blank)


Inspector_Gadget_Reflection_Form Completed.doc (Full of lots of great insights and solutions!)


 Light bulbA-HA! How else can these materials be used?

 POW!POW! What problems might arise? What should we avoid?

 magnifying glassTake a closer look:  What AT might we use here?

Want to hear more? Listen to the podcasts or read their transcripts: The house that math built, Equity Principle, How we learn math, How we use the CRA approach, Part I, How we use the CRA approach, Part II (Fractions)  

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