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iTouch Apps

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Here are some iTouch Apps that we think may be helpful to students!


File Sharing apps (allows you to put documents, power points etc from computer to iTouch NO CONVERSION)


File Magenet  4.99,  Discover (free), Documents to Go (4.99)

Discover allows files to be shared from iTouch to iTouch.  Documents to Go (4.99) also allows editing of Word documents on the iTouch.


E Books


Classics (.99), e-Reader (Free), Great Books (.99).  The Kindle app (Free) allows you to purchase books made for the Kindle reader.  You don’t need to own a Kindle for this to work or if you own a Kindle your purchases can also be viewed on the iTouch.  Narrator app (2.99) includes audio and text, currently few books are available (Call of the Wild, Anne of Green Gables).


iReader Text to Speech (.99) reads text that has been copied and pasted from another app or internet, read documents, e-mails etc.





9 Toolbox  Free

handy level  Free

flashlight   Free

simple draw Free

write pad Free

to do Free

My Homework (free)


Specialized Apps  


  • ·      Communication (AAC) apps
    • o   Tap Speak (.99)  works like a Big Mac
    • o   iConverse (9.99) six programmed messages with icons (I need help, I need a drink, I need a break, etc).  Can program additional messages using photos from photo library.  Messages appear in list view.
    • o   Look2Learn (24.99) simple interface for requesting wants and needs.  Combines the “I want” phrase with options in 6 categories.
    • o   Tap to Talk (free) comes with a starter album for communication.  For programming and customization, a yearly subscription (99.95) is required and programming is done via the web.  Also available for the Nintendo DS game system.
    • o   Locabulary Lite (free) construct sentences for simple requests, reporting emotions or ordering from McDonalds and Starbucks.  Is not symbol supported contains only words.
    • o   SpeakIt (1.99) converts typed text to speech, phrases can be saved.
    • o   Proloquo2Go (189.99)  a full featured AAC solution with a default vocabulary of  7000 items   Can be programmed with ease including adding pictures from photo library. (more information and videos at www.proloquo2go.com)
    • o   MyTalk (35.99) features image library of 1000 images, able to create own images as well as audio.  Requires monthly subscription fee to author and store data base on a web site.  (more information at www.mytalktools.com)


  • ·      Apps appropriate for individuals working with students on the Autism spectrum
    • o   iCommunicate (4.99)  Create visual prompts, schedules and story boards with and without audio
    • o   iPrompts (49.99) a visual prompting tool for individuals using visual schedules, visual timers and choice boards.  Able to import pictures from photo library to create schedules or choices.
    • o   Stories2Learn (13.99)  create social stories with picture, audio and video supports
    •         First Then Visual Schedules (9.99)  create picture schedule and first then pictu 
    • o   Visules (4.99)  visual to-do list with text support and visual reminders
    • o   Picture Scheduler (2.99) schedule alerts using pictures and voice recording.  Alerts work only when app is left running
    • o   Step Stones (9.99)
    • o   iReward (2.99) choose behavior you want to reward, choose the number of times the behavior needs to be displayed, choose the reward, then track the progress toward reaching the reward.  iReward Chart keep track of rewards individuals are earning
    • o   Behavior Tracker Pro (9.99) allows teachers and parents to track behavior and graph.  Allows for collection of frequency and duration of behavior as well as collection of ABC data.
    • o   iHourglass (free) and Traffic Light (.99) can be used as a visual timer
    • o   Time Timer (2.99)  works and looks just like the standard time timer clock


  • ·      Apps appropriate for Preschool
    • o   Wheels on the bus (.99), Itsbitsy Spider, Old MacDonald a fully interactive version of the popular kids’ songs.
    • o   Bumblebee touch book (.99), 5 Little Monkeys (.99), 5 Little Ducks (.99) and I Story Time kids books (ranging in price from .99 to 1.99)
    • o   Word Magic (.99) and Math Magic (.99)
    • o   Preschool Adventure (.99)
    • o   iPattern Kids (.99)
    • o   Dress Chica (free)http://www.appstoreapps.com/top-50-free-education-apps/





Here are some great websites for more iTouch apps for education:










Moms with apps:  http://momswithapps.com/


Appolicious:  http://www.appolicious.com/


Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs:  http://teachinglearnerswithmultipleneeds.blogspot.com/2010/06/ipossibilities-for-those-with.html



Here are some great lists of apps for the iTouch.  Remember apps are created everyday so these lists are quickly outdated.


Download a complete list/handout for using iTouch in education 

 iPhone-and-iPod-touch-Apps-for-Special-Education.pdf  --another nice list



This list includes hundreds of apps by grade and subject area.



Searching for Apps



Enter special education in the search bar within the app store in itunes.


For information regarding the iPad visit this page



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