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 Welcome to Technology Tuesdays


  • Technology Tuesdays are presented 4-8 times a year by the assistive technology team at VCU T/TAC.  
  • Click here for directions to our office.
  • Assistive Technology Learning Community is a resource for those who want to learn more about AT. 
    • Want to spread the word about AT in your school division?  These newsletters have been designed for you to personalize with your contact information. Send one a month to teachers, post in teacher lounges, by the copy machine, or near teacher mailboxes.   Check them out!

Accessing Text  February 25, 2014


MaKey MaKey  January 14, 2014


Self-Determination and AT:  I'm Determined to use AT- October 29, 2013


AT Decision Making Tools   January 29, 2013


Using Text-to-Speech in the classroom  November 20, 2012


AT for Access, September 25, 2012


Portable Apps (Online: January, 2012; Face-to-face: February 7 & 21, 2012)


ROTFL with Literacy: Supporting reading in the content areas with AT    November 15, 2011


Who's LoTTIE?   July 19, 2011


Show me the Money: Funding Opportunities for AT  April 15, 2008


iPod Your Life    July 9, 2008


iPod Touch Apps     July 27, 2010


The Path to Math       October 14, 2008


Get it Together/Organizing Life         


Read:OutLoud          January 13, 2009


Making Books Come to Life!   February 23 (Sandbox Series), and March 9, 2010


Supporting Reading with Assistive Technology  March 24 & April 2, 2009; April 21, 2010

  Part 2:  Using Portable Media Players   May 8 & May 11, 2009

 Digitaltext --post ideas to share here for Netbook/scanner/mp3



Reading Access for ALL through Low Tech Solutions     March 31, 2009


Basic Audio Projects July 7, 2009


Basic and Advanced Digital Video July 14 and 21, 2009 


Click and Go: Cheap and Easy Software    July 28, 2009


AT Solutions for Writing   October 5, 2009


Supporting Math with AT November 3, 2009


Assistive Technology for Transition  February 16, 2010     Transition Forum March 2010


Supporting Communication with AAC

     Part 1  Low Tech AAC Solutions     March 2, 2010

     2nd Edition-Communication Has A Target (CHAT) with T/TAC  February 15, 2011


Using Interactive Whiteboards as Literacy Tools, July 6, 2010


Using Screen Recording Software to Support Student Learning    July 29, 2008; July 13, 2010


Getting Math July 21, 2010


iTouch Apps July 27, 2010


Pen Power March 22, 2011


What works with what e-format  April 4, 2011


I Can Too!  Toddler Tech, April 12, 2011


Boardmaker Plus v 6

Need a guide to help students explore AT? Click http://www.educationtechpoints.org/manuals-materials/hey-can-i-try-that-1 


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