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Digital Video Projects

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Create a video "kit" that will help your students to build subject-area projects.

Perfect for VAAP, VGLA, VSEP or just fun learning!


How can we use Windows Movie Maker for assessment?

  • We can take videos of students doing their tasks and go back to do task analysis
  • Student projects for VGLA and VSEP
  • Baseline data: take pre- and post- videos!


How can we use Windows Movie Maker to create an improved learning environment?

  • We can sit back and see what our environment looks like! (It's like the running record that principals used to keep)
  • Use to provide supports for tasks that are difficult (watch again and again)
  • Sense of student empowerment and be creative-gaining technology skills!
  • Student-centered activity--students plan, organize, and engage in the activity--reflecting on the words they say and clips they include and making decisions!


What are some potential barriers to address before using Movie Maker with students?

  • Don't assume every student knows how to do this
  • Don't assume that all students want to do this (CHOICE is a good thing!)
  • Don't assume that all teachers know how!
  • Sometimes language and access need to be addressed-that's OK!


How can we use PhotoStories for assessment? Documenting student learning?

  • Take pictures of students and use Boardmaker symbols (select items to use in cooking -- for VAAPs!)
  • Have students make up a story in a reading class--they can hear themselves and see themselves...may help them to be more creative!
  • Provide a set of pictures and ask students to use different perspectives
  • Use to follow-up after field trips
  • Use to replace a more traditional scrapbook
  • Offers a way to scaffold students with their communication skills-it alos offers practice for things like pronunciation
  • Dictation and rehearsal reinforces the content! "What do you see in the photo?"
  • Make PhotoStory books instead of just PowerPoint books!
  • Use these as ways to present content from a student -- instead of the teacher!
  • Use to review vocabulary
  • Can be used to offer historical perspectives
  • Have students speak in the voice of a historical figure
  • Offer subtitles and have them find pictures
  • Have groups who are exploring issues of political candidates use for presentation (you can show to students next year!)
  • Have them consider slant and jargon
  • Be sure to include the rubric use to grade the content or skill(s)!


How can we use Microsoft Encoder to improve instruction?

  • Show students how to use computer programs
  • Instructions on any activity you want them to do
  • Use the SmartBoard
  • Use the first day of school to remind about all the things to write on the index cards :)
  • Anything that needs to be repeated over and over
  • Use with homebound teachers and students who are out of the classroom
  • Staff development
  • Make DVDs of how to use certain sites (United Streaming, etc.)
  • This is a virtual copy of notes!
  • Save the movies to TeacherTube or the local server so everyone can use it


How can we use Microsoft Encoder to improve assessment?

  • Students who can do the step-by-step but have had trouble with printing -- reduces paper and allows color use
  • Allows error analysis for students who shut down a lot
  • Virual field trip
  • Use the same assessment methods as with PhotoStory and MovieMaker
  • For ASOLs and SOLs, students can do projects that include multiple objectives! It can be much more interesting than still photos!
  • OTs can have students record and report what they are having problems with
  • Use for electronic portfolios-such as English 11 writing skills



So, what do I include in a portfolio?


CD in an envelope that contains the movies

Rubric that you use to grade the content or skill(s) displayed in the movie

Description of what the reviewer should look at (e.g., the student in the green shirt)




Email Jennifer: jhrichardson at ccps.net (replace "at" with @)

Email Joan: jlovegrenobr at vcu.edu (replace "at" with @)

Email Susanne: sscroasdaile at vcu.edu (replace "at" with @)

Email Kelly: kligon at vcu.edu (replace "at" with @)



Download free music for educators: http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com/free.html

Access other free tools and music: www.halldavidson.net/kitbuilder.html

Download Audacity to record your narration with your music (!) http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/windows


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