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Click here! Right now! --> Click&Go 2009.isf

Some links that may interest you...


  Ideas about Accessibility




 Cool Links










Natural Reader



Microsoft Word



Microsoft PowerPoint



How to make PowerPoint books: http://atto.buffalo.edu/registered/Tutorials/talkingBooks/powerpoint.php


Microsoft Reader


To find books, click on: http://www.digitalbookindex.com and http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Gutenberg:About

Also search for "e-books" or "digital books" or "electronic books"









Classroom ideas:


Use digital text readers for read a loud accomodations.  Use digital text readers for help with editing writing assingments for students who have difficulty with spelling, organization of thoughts, and ideas.  Use a portable scanner to scan text, worksheets and save into a digital reader to have text read to students.  Make sure you use a scanner with OCR software.


Check out Rockhingham County Schools resource files, search engine for SOL content.  http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/resources/soltechintegration.htm


Don't forget to use the auto correct feature in Microsoft Word to make short cuts:  Tools--Auto Correct


Use Words Eye for writing activities to help students visualize what they are writing about.  Use Words Eye for teaching directional concepts.

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