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Portable Apps

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Portable applications are open source freeware applications that are loaded on a USB drive and run on any Windows-based computer without the need to install additional software. This free assistive technology solution is the right choice for many students in grades 6-12 who are moving towards independence and life after high school.


How to load portable apps keys: How to load an AccessApps portable apps USB drive.docx


What are we exploring?


  • AccessApps is an initiative developed in Scotland through the JISC Regional Support Center.  This initiative was created to make technology more accessible to all through storing small portable applications on a usb drive. 
  •  AccessApps can be download through the EduApps/JISC Regional Support Center website (http://eduapps.org/). Note: If the site is "down" it just means they are working on it!  
  • You can customize your own usb drive or download the entire package.  


How will I know what to do with each app?


This 47-page introductory guide provides an overview of the apps contained on the usb key. Download the Access Apps Guide


What other options are there?


If you want more information regarding how to customize and add additional apps to your usb key.  Read this information.   When adding apps to a usb key make sure that the app is designed to be portable. These additional apps can be added to your usb key.


How do I tell the difference between the apps?


Listing of Portable Applications with Pros and Cons 


How do I get started?


As you begin to think of what apps might benefit which students, plan to get student feedback and involve them in the decision-making process. Read WATI's "Hey! Can I Try That?"  http://www.wati.org/content/supports/free/pdf/HeyCanITryThat08.pdf) for an overview of how to do this.


The Assistive Technology Consideration materials are located here: http://www.ttaconline.org/atsdp/


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How to load portable apps keys: How to load an AccessApps portable apps USB drive.docx

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