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Who's LoTTIE?

Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education (LoTTIE) kits not only help educators identify what supports students need in the general education environment, but also help a range of students be successful.  Come explore and get a few free items to take home!



Where do LoTTIE kits come from?

Judith Sweeney at Onion Mountain Technology (http://www.onionmountaintech.com/has designed assistive technology assessment kits for educators to use with school-aged students with special needs. Each LoTTIE kit has a theme: literacy, organization, math, little kids...and is intended to help educators evaluate what would help a specific student facing a specific challenge. (By the way, Judith has lots of great resources: http://www.onionmountaintech.com/assistive.php)


Why should I care about LoTTIE kits?

Why do we want a kit to help us? Mostly because it contains an impressive range of light- and mid-tech tools (over 50!) and ideas for their use. With very little effort, we can "informally evaluate and try out simple devices before automatically requiring more sophisticated and expensive technologies. Other professionals find it an ideal tool for in-service presentations on assistive technology." (For more on this, see http://www.onionmountaintech.com/kit.php?id=13).


What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, we explore many of the tools in the LoTTIE kits and learn about how we match a student to the right assistive technology.


Assistive Technology Consideration and Evaluation

The Assistive Technology project addresses priorities of VDOE with centralized coordination, implementation, and dissemination of information about the laws which define AT devices and services, the process of consideration of AT by Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams, and AT assessment and resources



Explore LoTTIE kits

Click on the following links, then look at "See all items in this kit-->"

Use this table to reflect on how each item might be an AT support for a student: This assistive technology tool.docx


Share with others!

1. Share this online workshop: http://www.fdlrs.leon.k12.fl.us/lottie_kit/intro.html

2. Check out a LoTTIE kit so you can consider AT for one of your students: http://www.vcu.edu/ttac/library/


some low tech assistive technology tools   masking devices


math stamps   options for measurement


place value


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